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KHAYAFHAYA is a South East London based singer, artist and musician.


Born in Lewisham to a South African Father and a British Mother, his family moved to South Africa when he was 6. Always a keen singer and entertainer, he started song writing at the age of 8 and classical vocal training when he was 11 at the world-renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir School. His first original music project started at 14 when he formed a hip hop trio known as KK Juse.


After finishing high school KHAYA wanted to carry on pursuing a music career, but due to pressure from his family he ended up going to university to study mechanical engineering. He dropped out of university after a year and started his career in musical theatre, which began at the South African National Children’s Theatre. After winning a Naledi Award for Best Newcomer, he joined Disney’s The Lion King, which took him to Hong Kong, Switzerland and across the UK.


In late 2016 he made the decision to abandon musical theatre and focus on his solo artist career, a decision he made after starting getting a job as a singer and pianist at the Piano Works in Farringdon. After showing his music to some of his fellow musicians, he began work on his 1st EP entitled “Better Late Than Never”. He also is a member of the Classical Crossover group Vox Fortura.


He is also a part time composer and has composed dance pieces for Hong Kong Fringe festival and The Place’s “Resolution” Dance festival.


KHAYA’s musical influences come from a wide array of genres. Some of his favourite artists include Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Bruno mars, OutKast, Eminem and Slash. Soul, funk, rock, jazz and hip hop feature heavily in his music.

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